I am a scientific software developer in the Computational Memory Lab at the University of Pennsylvania where I am a part of the DARPA RAM team. Previously, I was an experimental atomic physicist. I was a postdoc in the ion trap group of Prof. Michael Drewsen at Aarhus University and earned my PhD in Mike Chapman's lab at Georgia Tech.

In my spare time, I enjoy photography, various outdoor activities, reading, and working on various projects related to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and open source software. Lately I have been particularly interested in interacting with physical devices via web-based interfaces. Most of my projects can be found on GitHub (see also my Gists).

For fun, and as a service to the ion trapping community, I maintain the Ion Trapping Periodic Table. This aims to be a handy reference for ion trappers with information on transition wavelengths, photoionization schemes, and more.


  • Email: mike at (my last name in lower case) dot net
  • GPG: 9C6E 918F 885D 19AA EC7E FB76 25A6 CDBF C58D 27A5

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